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To understand how SandShark anchors work and how to use them, we have collected a range of user guides and videos prepared by the SandShark team.  We also have some useful hints & tips to help you get the most out of your SandShark anchor.
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# 1: Use a bungee anchor line
Once set, SandShark anchors provide an incredibly strong anchor point for your jet ski.  Any anchor line will work when tethering your jet ski, however a bungee anchor line is recommended as it can stretch and absorb shock caused by wind and waves - eliminating hard snaps and tugs when your jet ski is anchored or docked. 

#2: Set your anchor based on tides and conditions
Like with other anchors you should set your anchor in a position that suits the conditions and if the tide is incoming or outgoing.  Anchor a little deeper if there is strong swell and let your anchor hold your jet ski from being washing up onto the beach.  It's fine for the anchor to be fully submerged under the water.

#3:  Attach a marker buoy so you can easily find your anchor
On an incoming tide, it's not uncommon for your anchor become fully submerged.  Use a highly visible marker buoy so you can easily find your anchor if you've shot of for a quick ride or you're packing up for the day.  

#4:  Make sure your thoroughly rinse your SandShark anchor as soon as you've finished using it
Like all other water sport accessories, it's important to thoroughly rinse and wash your SandShark anchor.  Dried sand, mud and debris can make it difficult to extend and retract your anchor, so taking the anchor apart and rinsing each piece after use is highly recommended.  If used in salt water, giving it a wash with fresh water when you're cleaning your ski is also a good idea.  Occasionally, you may also want to give the locking pins a quick spray with silicon to keep them moving freely.

Mike & Duane from SandShark have prepared these video reviews of each of the SandShark anchors we range.
SandShark Lite 18
Ultimate PWC
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