Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries
What is a SandShark anchor?
A unique shallow water anchor used for jet skis and boats - developed by the SandShark team in the United States.
How do SandShark anchors work?
SandShark anchors use an auger (screw) design that when twisted slices into the sand.  Once set deep enough, the anchor becomes an incredibly strong fixed point to which you can securely tether your jet ski or watercraft.
Which anchor is best for me?
We offer a range of different SandShark anchors - all suitable for use with jet skis.  Here is the a brief summary of the models:
- Ultimate PWC:  The premium model designed to offer the best versatility, performance and portability
- SuperSport:  The heavy duty model model that strong enough to hold boats up to 7m
- Lite 18: The ultra portable model great when space is limited
Check out our Product Comparison page for more information about each model.
My Order
What are your delivery timeframes?
Our delivery estimates are: 
 - North Island - Standard (2-3 days) 
 - North Island - Rural (3-5 days) 
 - South Island - Standard (3-4 days) 
 - South Island - Rural (4-6 days) 
 For more information please refer see our Shipping policy.
How much will shipping be?
Shipping rates vary based on the items in your order and your delivery address. Our rates will range from: 
 - North Island - Standard: From $9.99 to $19.99 
 - North Island - Rural: From $14.99 to $24.99 
 - South Island - Standard: From $14.99 to $34.99 
 - South Island - Rural: From $19.99 to $39.99
Can I pick up from you?
Sorry! Jetcessory is an online-only business and our products are not available for pick up unfortunately.
Product Use
How do you use SandShark anchors?
Check out our How to Use page for more information about using your SandShark anchor with your jet ski.
Are SandShark anchors difficult to screw into the sand?
No, all SandShark anchors can be set in sand without too much effort.  Anchors equipped with a steel auger (Ultimate PWC and Lite 18) are the easiest to screw into the sand.
Where is the best location on the beach to set my SandShark anchor?
This can depend based on the tides and conditions.  For example, for incoming tides on calm days, you can set your anchor close to the shoreline and have your jet ski floating in deeper water.  For rougher conditions, you may choose to set your anchor in deeper water to hold your jet ski off the beach.
Help & Troubleshooting
My anchor is jammed and won't extend/collapse
If the anchor pins are working correctly and the anchor will not extend or retract, it is most likely locked in place with dried sand or debris.  
SandShark's recommended solution is to completely submerge the anchor in the water to loosen any dried debris.  Once released, thoroughly rinse each piece and if possible leave to dry before putting the anchor back together again.  
I've lost a part for my anchor
Please contact us about availability of spare parts.  We are able to source replacement pins for Ultimate PWC anchor and replacement handles for Lite 18 anchor.
Caring for your SandShark anchor
To ensure your SandShark anchor remains in good working order, it is important to thoroughly rinse your anchor after each use. SandShark recommends that after every use the anchor is taken completely apart and each piece rinsed of all sand, mud or debris.  On occasion it is also recommended to spray a small amount of silicon lubricant into the locking pins to help protect them from salt water.  
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